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Collection HPTBC Sites and Structures Reports
Object Name REPORT
Title Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County Sites and Structures Committee Report, February 2012
Description Sites & Structures Committee Report for the February 22, 2012 meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County

The following is a summary of preservation and restoration work completed and in-progress, with recommended Board action:
Keim House:

A.Cellar Doors and framing:
Installation of the cellar entry oak framing, and mahogany rake-boards and cheek walls is complete [Images ##1 & 2, photos 7477 & 7478].
The cellar doors and support structure will be painted and installed after hardware is fabricated. The red color undercoat seen in the photos is not the color of the proposed finish coat, which will be the "Spanish Brown" found on original wooden elements [shutter]. This color is well-matched by Benjamin Moore "El Cajon Clay", and is recommended for this finish by our paint consultant Matthew Mosca, and is very close to the color Dick Shaner used on some of the exterior elements of the south ["front"] eaves wall of the 1753 house. A sample of the correct color will be presented at the Board meeting.
B.Cellar Window:
The original oak lintel (but not the jambs or sill) over the cellar window at the west end of the south eaves wall survives, with five hexagonal mortises in its underside. These holes, which were undoubtedly matched by five in the perished sill, originally held vertical wooden bars. This grilled frame will be re-constructed using the original lintel; the replacement jambs and sill will be fabricated with mahogany for moisture-resistance.

Morlatton Village Parking Facility:

A.Construction and License Agreements have been executed by Amity Twp and the Trust. Copies were forwarded to Board members and are available on request. We are required to appoint an administrator who will handle scheduling, notifications to the Twp and other parties, etc.
B.We have firm quotes on tree-work and excavation; perimeter log anchor grates, bolts, bearing plates, and fasteners; geotextile; base and top-course stone; log-support blocks; we will also supply the drill and bits for log-rigging [detail drawing attached; welded bearing plate will be replaced with adjustable threaded rod fastener and lock-nut under plate supporting the fiberglass grates].
C.Amity Twp personnel and equipment will:deploy the mulch berms and other erosion control materials; transport stone from the quarry; lay the woven base and non-woven separation geo-fabrics; spread stone courses, with assistance from the site contractor; and rig the anchored perimeter log system.
D.We will need volunteers to process and set posts along pedestrian paths and safety zones within the parking perimeters.

Douglass Floor Work:

Rotted floor joists were cut back to solid wood and scarf-joined to new timber extensions, glued and bolted through "birds-mouth" joint [Images #3 & 4, photos 7518 & 7530].
Original 1760s flooring nails were found throughout the northern rooms [Image #5, photo 7519].
Original floor boards [Images #6 & 7, photos 7523 & 7526] were exposed upon removal of flooring over-layment; these boards are of varying widths but in a narrow range, producing a more solid floor membrane, at greater expense than early floors with wider "random-width" boards.

Requested Board action:

1. consider providing a sheltering structure for the KH root cellar to preserve and exhibit it as a study-piece, after S&S committee consideration and recommendation of form and details. Current concept is corner posts, modern metal roof, winter closure. Drawing should be available for March meeting.
2.Procure and/or designate storage space for mission-related items to be permanently removed from exhibit areas and interpreted spaces.
Subject to security, environmental considerations and other important factors determined by the Board, the following areas are recommended for storage of appropriate materials and non-exhibit artifacts:
Fulp cellar and crawl-space.
Douglass ancillary addition loft.
Douglass smoke chamber??.
Keim addition cellar, and Keim barn.
White Horse cellar and second floor chambers.

3.Dispose of non mission-related and non-usable architectural items, such as shutters, window sash [after removal of early period glass], doors, etc., in conformity with policy adopted by the Board; completed in 2013.
4.Authorize the preparation of drawings [funded by grant sources] for the proposed KH pent roof and cellar-entry structures. Resolved in 2013.
5.Discuss and approve Lainhoff proposal dated Feb 8, 2012 [previously forwarded] for work at Douglass, Keim, and DeTurk.
6.Authorize PHMC grant application for Douglass projects, including current proposals in Feb 8 proposal, and proposed additional work for which approval is sought subject to receipt of sufficient grant funding.
7.Approve March 31 requested date for Pete Nugent dinner event and communicate guidelines to him.
Submitted by the Sites & Structures Committee, Laurence Ward, Chair; updated Sept 2016..

Laurence Ward, September 2016
Date February 2012
Catalog Number 1008.01.053
Archive Number HPTSSR8
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