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Collection DeTurk
Object Name Field Notes
Title Spillway, drains & retaining wall plan drawing
Description Sketch plan drawing of June, 2010 installation of stone-paved spillway, drains, and battered retaining wall at DeTurk House west eaves wall.

These installations will deflect, intercept, and collect more than 90% of the roof runoff and ground-surface sheet flow incursion into or against the building through the vent and window openings, and by penetration of the mortar joints of the frequently saturated foundation walls.

The water which flows across the macadam parking area west of the building, which formerly butted directly against the building wall, is now diverted by a graded planting bed, and a retaining stone “curb” along the edge of the bed, into the 12-inch-square catch basin shown on this drawing as “CB.” The roof runoff and direct precipitation onto the floor of the spillway are now directed by the slopes of the paving stones to the channel drains [“CD” on the drawing, 80 inches x 12 inches by 10 inches deep], and conducted away from the building.
Also see DTR09FN8--1001.01.237, DTR09FN7--1001.01.236, and DTR09FN10--1001.01.239 for alternate plan drawings of this installation.

The stone-paved surface of the spillway very closely follows the early grade at the building wall, as evidenced in the southern range of the foundation by the roughly masoned stonework projecting from the plane of the wall below and to the south of the root cellar vent, and in the northern range by the elevations of the kitchen window sill and bake oven hearth [since removed].

See DTR09PH134--1001.01.230 for photographs of this installation.
Date August 2010
People DeTurk, John
Catalog Number 1001.01.238
Archive Number DTR09FN9
Creator Ward, Laurence
Search Terms DTR09FN
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De Turk
DeTurk House
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